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our history

Providing various internet platforms for Professionals and others involved in the Audiovisual industry was a dream of our company owner Shah Nawaz. Shah is an engineer with a Master of Science degree in engineering and decades of experience as an engineer and a lecturer. Shah studied and worked in various countries, which helped him learn six languages and different cultures. He worked for Boeing as a contract engineer in the early nineties but decided to open a technology training center for engineers. During the late nineties he got into the AV production business for corporate events in the Greater Seattle area of Washington state.

He also became a dealer for well-regarded brands of AV equipment under the name AVequipment.com. Later during COVID had to change the business structure and reregister under the name AVCO USA LLC. as the sole proprietor in the state of Washington, USA.

our mission:

Our mission is to play an effective role in the advancement of the Audiovisual industry, and provide platforms for information, education, and networking of professionals, businesses, and clients. Our goal is to become a complete resource of the Audiovisual industry and consumers.

our team:

We have been blessed with talented and professional team members: Some of our members are:

  • Anousheh Nawaz: Anousheh is a graduate of the University of Southern Florida (USF) with two Bachelors’ degrees in engineering. Anousheh started helping her dad since she was in elementary school. She has worked for a well-reputed engineering consulting firm, FAA, and City of Renton Washington.
  • Luca Kim: Luca is a graduate of the University of Washington and has many years of design and consulting experience.
  • Richard Casper: Rick has many years of experience and training in the Soundinforcement arena. Rick is also well-versed in Video Systems.
  • Doug Kennely: Doug stems from a family that pioneered AV industry in Washington State. He worked with his dad during his early age. He founded AV pro, a very successful business in Seattle, and ran it for many decades. Currently, he is one of the best AV professionals focused on AV production for large events.
  • Kamran Afzal: Kamran has a degree in computer sciences and many years of experience in programming and portal design.

Our web designers are working hard to launch multiple internet platforms for the AV Industry. AVprofessionals.com and AVequipment.com are slated to be complete by September 2024. All others will be launched in 2025.

We invite International AV industry leader corporations to consider investing in or sponsoring our portals.


AVCO USA: 12922 SE 299th St. Auburn WA 98092 Phone: 206-575-7771 WhatApp/Cell: +1-206-856-0274

Email: shah @avequipment.com (remove spaces)

For Seattle Tacoma and Bellevue area AV equipment rental and event services:

Visit: https://avrent.com

Phone: Seattle North and Eastside: 206-575-7771 Tacoma and south: 253-474-9979

Address: 12922 SE 299th St. Auburn WA 98092