AV directory

A directory portal for audiovisual companies, businesses, events, and industry leaders

Our mission:

our mission is to provide various AV industry-related internet platforms for information, education, networking, and communication between AV professionals, industry leaders, and consumers.

AVdirectory.com shall allow all AV-related companies, organizations, and event organizers to post their information. This information will be available to all AV professionals and consumers.

Some of our under-construction web portals:

We have been working on designing and hosting audiovisual industry-related portals that will make it easy for all to learn about AV equipment, their manufacturers, distributors, and dealers. We will enable all concerned to find and connect with AV professionals, businesses, and associations. Some of the portals are listed described below:

AVprofessionals.com :

AV professionals all over the world shall be able to post their profiles and resumes with images and videos of their work. The businesses or individuals requiring their services shall be able to connect and interact with them.

AVfreelancers.com :

Though AV freelancers shall be able to post their profiles and resumes at AVprofessionals.com, but they will also be able to add their info at AVfreelancers.com.

AVequipment.com :

AVequipment.com will be designed to educate and inform those interested in learning about Audio-video equipment and devices used in Sound Reinforcement, Video displays, Videography, Editing, and projection systems. This portal will also include information about the manufacturers and suppliers of such AV equipment.


When Published: AV directory will list Businesses, Associations, and Events in the world. This will also provide links to the AV professionals and AV equipment portals.


AVcompanies.com will list and provide information about AV companies in the world. The businesses will able to list their products, services, and other information.


AV university portal will be designed to offer all levels of AV education and information. We will be offering certificate, diploma, and degree courses related to Audiovisual Industry.


A directory and information portal of the manufacturers of AV equipment, and software developers worldwide.


A directory and information portal for Distributors of Audiovisual equipment and software worldwide.


A worldwide directory and information portal about AV dealers that provide local services and equipment in their regions.


A global directory and information portal about AV contractors that provide local services and equipment.

Investors, and sponsors:

We invite the global AV industry leaders to connect with us to discuss investment and sponsorship opportunities.

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